Olympic Triathlon Training Program - 8 Weeks

Olympic Triathlon Training Program - 8 Weeks


Level: Beginner

Duration: 8 Weeks

Program Structure: This program is split between 2x 4 week blocks. Each block building on the last.

Week 1 - 4: Easing into the program, focusing on two rides, two runs and a swim each week. Building up to 4 hours of dedicated training in week 3.

Week 5 - 8: After a recovery week, the program begins stepping up the volume. Week 7 will require 5.5 hours of training and will have you prepared for race day!

Nutrition: To be successful in this program, competitors will need to pay special attention to nutritional requirements. Upping protein intake will be integral, aiming for 30-40g serves, four times per day, while learning to consume valuable carbohydrates during exercise. The body can absorb 60-90g of carbohydate per hour. Learn this number and how much food or nutrition supplements this equates to.

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Good luck!

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