10km Running Program - Beginner

Introduction: So you’ve decided to run your first 10km or you’re returning to running. By following this program, we’ll have you running 10km in as little as 8 weeks.

Level: Beginner

Duration: 8 Weeks

Program Structure:
Weeks 1-3: Building the Foundation. Working on shorter and faster sessions, the first three weeks will build some speed into the legs and program healthy running technique into the muscles.

Week 4: Recovery. A significantly easier week to allow the body to adapt to the stimulus applied in the previous weeks.

Week 5-7: The Push. An increase in volume and intensity. The foundation is built, it’s time to prepare the body.

Week 8: Goal Week. An easy week of tapering, allowing your energy systems to replenish and your body to recover in preparation for the big day.


Nutrition is incredibly important, it is recommended that protein intake is increased to aid recovery. Australian Plant Protein Blend by Organic Performance contains the right blend of Faba Bean & Sprouted Pea Protein to ensure the right balance of amino acids will be absorbed by the body.

Runs lasting longer than half an hour should be finished by taking in some electrolytes and carbohydrates. Electrolytes by Organic Performance has you covered!

Happy running!

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