An Introduction to Training Programs

An Introduction to Training Programs

Do you have to follow a program?
⁃ Absolutely not! The most important aspect of training is to enjoy it. Consistency is key and people generally won’t stay the course if it’s not enjoyable. Good programming is built around steady and controlled growth so that you’re left wanting more.

What is the benefit of structured training?
⁃ Most importantly, having a plan, goal and seeing incremental improvements is motivating
⁃ Ensures there is value in each and every session
⁃ Enables you to build strength, fitness and conditioning without breaking down

Can I deviate from the program?
⁃ You can and you should! No one knows your body like you and your weekly routine is also unique. No program is perfect for everyone, but the fundamental training principles our programs adopt will remain the same! Ask us how to adjust it to suit your lifestyle.

How do I get started?
⁃ You already have! New programs are being released weekly and we are accomodating special requests. Tell us what else you’d like to see!

The OP Team ❤️
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