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Lean Body Bundle

Lean Body Bundle

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So it's time to lean up. The key to dropping body fat is the simultaneous preservation of precious muscle. Muscle is metabolically active, so as you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down. To optimize fat loss you have to maintain muscle while in a caloric deficit and the best way to do this is by eating adequate protein spaced throughout the day. 

Another issue of caloric restriction is reduced energy levels and elevated stress. To counter this, we include our Superberry Focus Blend in the bundle. This product is a blend of superberry powders which are loaded with essential vitamins & minerals, ashwagandha & ginseng to reduce stress and promote relaxation and matcha & guarana to promote mental clarity and focus.

The combination of our Australian Plant Protein and Focus Blend will promote protein synthesis and stable energy levels throughout the day. Allowing you to focus on getting the most out of your training sessions, while staying motivated to eat well.

New customers will also receive an Eco Friendly Protein Shaker and Sports Bottle!

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